Culture & Civilization

"Culture is the soul of any civilization"

Culture is the soul of any society, and a society progresses through centuries, this reflects the Civilization & Culture that has shaped, enhanced or destroyed its core values and structures. Knowing the various past phases of any civilization is essential to understanding its present, and preserving it for future. Having its roots in the auspicious Vedic city of Kampilya, which is also famous for being the birthplace of Mahabharata Queen Draupadi, the Draupadi Trust started its work by studying the rich culture and History of the region. The first initive thus was for promoting Cultural Tourism prospects at Kampilya.

Keeping in mind the rich deep rooted civilization of the Indian Sub-Continent or ‘Aryavarta’, Draupadi Trust made humble attempts to create awareness about it, through a series of International Seminars and Guest lectures.

The different art forms that showcase our varied culture are like the vibrant rainbow that brightens up our hearts with joy. The Trust believes in aesthetic blend of heritage and modernity and attempts to highlight our Cultural Heritage. A series of Cultural programs have been organized covering dance, music, Arts and Excavation work at Kampilya.

As the Draupadi Trust derives its name & inspiration from the Historical Mahabharata Queen Draupadi, there was a great desire to learn & know more about ones ancient Civilization roots. We were very fortunate to have met, in our Journey, Prof. B.B. Lal, the world renowned Indian Archaeologist. His pioneering work in places connected to the Mahabharata Era, Hastinapur& Indraprastha, Kalibanga etc, at once created a bond between him & our Trust. This led to very enriching & interesting developments for the Trust & for our deep rooted civilization & culture. Under the guidance of Prof. B.B. Lal, we organized our 1st International Seminar, titled on his 2009 Publication, “How Deep are the Roots of Indian Civilization”.

This 3 days program was packed with some of the world’s most renowned Scholars in the field of Archaeology, History, Anthropology of the Indian Subcontinent. Paper were presented on various aspects of India’s ancient rich past, by stalwarts such as Prof. Dilip Chakraborty, Prof. Nicholas Kazanas, Prof. Shiva G Bajpai, Prof. Lal, Dr. B.R. Mani and many more. The seminar received good Media coverage in the Hindu & the internet & of course also the standard remarks of Harvard University’s Prof. Witzel ! One of the most outstanding presentation was on the saraswati River, by ISRO scientist Dr. Bhadra.

Considering our work in the ancient Vedic city of Kampilya, which was also the capital of Southern Panchala Kingdom; we organized the 2nd International Seminar on “The Mahabharata: Its Historicity, Antiquity, Evaluation & Impact on Civilization”. Here too, we had the participation of renowned International & National Scholars. This was followed by an Exhibition on The Mahabharata, and we are now having The Panchala MahaUtsav, as a celebration & preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the auspicious land of Draupadi, and also a tribute to her brave spirit.