Cultural Tourism

"Culture is the soul of any civilization"

The region of Vedic Times City Kampilya, which also was the Capital city of Southern Panchal, has a large population. The area needs alternative means of job & entrepreneurship for the aspirant young population. This youth wants to be in tune with developing times and the Electronic& Print Media has also exposed them to the fast paced growth & new opportunities in other parts of the country & world. They are also aware of the ancient historical & cultural significance of the region since many centuries. Thus, one initial interaction with this enthusiastic population made us realize that something concrete and more income generating opportunities is are needed.

Around the 80’s one spinning mill had been established at Kampilya, as a State Cooperative Enterprise. Unfortunately this mill closed within a few years. The hopes of the locals, & large numbers of migrant workforce who came to the mill, were shattered. Agriculture & some amount of craft work were the only source of income, besides small time trading & contract work.

Our SWOT analysis of the various potential areas of growth here led us to identify specific intervention needs. Considering the significant cultural aspects, we shortlisted Cultural Tourism as one of the key drivers for economy for this region.

A service oriented industry is best suited in agro-rich lands and culture provides many avenues. Thus we conducted a study on “Development Opportunities in Cultural Tourism for Entrepreneurs & Job seekers” and listed the huge job potential that can be created to tap local resources. We then also hired ITDC Consultancy to prepare a Detailed Project Report for developing this area as a Tourist Destination both these were presented at our 1st National Seminar on the topic of the study at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi 18th Aug 2006.

This was followed by continuous & consistent advocacy for Tourism Destination Project& declaration of Kampilya as a Tourist Destination. We received in principle sanction of tourism project from central govt. but the hurdles of unauthorized occupation of the historical areas, to be developed, slowed the process of course, local vested interest who do not want the poor to prosper as their lordship to diminish, did their best to stall the process. We never gave up but kept up the pressure, the young& progressive were with us & so was the goodwill of progressive official & politicians. Finally a young enterprising person was elected as the Chairman of the Nagarpalika. He wasted no time but took all our paper work, and along with us, pursued the matter vigorously.

While we had been advocating restoration of the Status of Kampilya at the National Ministerial level, through Media and at our International Seminars, the young Chairman worked at State level end, and finally in June 2013, an order was passed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to make Kampilya a Tourist Destination. This order makes it easy for local administration to clear hence the historical sites so that the much pending funds for Kampilya can come from center & State for its deserved development.

We are now working towards Creation of a Kampilya Development Board (on the line) Kurukshetra and will then pitch for a World Heritage City status for this auspicious land of vedic knowledge & of Mahabharata icon Queen Draupadi.