"1. Create a better understanding and appreciation of ancient Bharata Civilization, Culture & History"

2. Empowering at every level-Women,Youth and Local Communities"

Founder Trustees


    Empowered women/youth managing their own lives and confidently playing a constructive role in nation building through socio-economic and political participation

    Aesthetic Blending of Heritage and Modernity to make the individuals life richer Culturally, Economically, Socially and Spiritually.


    Help women / youth realize their potential to be an asset to themselves & thus to the society at large.

    Restore our Heritage.

Wel wishers

    Draupadi Dream Trust is blessed to have the good wishes of its Beneficiaries, Benefactors and many prominent personalities. Personalities. While the benefactors and Beneficiaries get reflected in our programs, there are so many other quite well wishers, whom we wish to thank and acknowledge here.

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