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"The Trust derives its name and strength from the historical Princess of Panchala Desha, Draupadi, and is working in her birthplace, Kampilya (Dist. Farrukhabad UP) & Indraprastha (Delhi), besides other areas of India, and follows the method of Advocacy, Awareness and Training."

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Founder Trustees

Miss Neera Misra

    She is a Social Entrepreneur, with almost 21 years of work experience, as business entrepreneur and then as social entrepreneur. She is also presently Visiting Faculty, Consultant and Founder Trustee & Chairperson of Draupadi Dream Trust, a Trust founded on Vedic principles and Philosophy. She has held / is holding the significant positions like-

    1. 1994- 2005: Managing Director Make a Difference Marketing Associates Pvt Ltd

    2. 1997-2005: Governing Body Member- FICCI Ladies Org.

    3. 2002-2005: Business Cell Councilor / Consultants: FICCI Ladies Org.

    4. 2004-2005: Research Advisor-National Commission for Women Committee for Women in Industry.

    5. 1999 - Consultant SWASHAKTI program of Min of WCD, GOI.

    6. 2001- 2010 - Expert Committee Member: Govt. of India SSI (MSME) Committee for Policy Women Entrepreneurs

    7. 2006 - 2013 Jt. Secretary: Women’s Football Federation of India

    8. 2001 till date Visiting Faculty: Govt. & Pvt. Institutes, on Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, Social Empowerment, Heritage promotion.

    9. 2018- onwards: Member Exec Committee Gurusaday Museum Kolkata

Shri Rakesh C Misra

    Founder Trustee, left India in 1975, for greener pastures in Middle East. He is a first generation Entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in New Building Technologies, PEB and has promoted his firm RCM Prefabs Pv Ltd, in India, to be a part of Make in India, and contribute his decades of experience to India’s march towards Smart Cities and quality Toilets and EWS housing for the less privileged.

    A golfer, keen reader and lover of History & Music, he has contributed to social causes through Draupadi Dream Trust since many years.


    Empowered women/youth managing their own lives and confidently playing a constructive role in nation building through socio-economic and political participation

    Aesthetic Blending of Heritage and Modernity to make the individuals life richer Culturally, Economically, Socially and Spiritually.


    Help women / youth realize their potential to be an asset to themselves & thus to the society at large.

    Restore our Heritage.

Well wishers

    Draupadi Dream Trust is blessed to have the good wishes of its Beneficiaries, Benefactors and many prominent personalities. Personalities. While the benefactors and Beneficiaries get reflected in our programs, there are so many other quite well wishers, whom we wish to thank and acknowledge here.

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    The Trust derives its name and strength from the historical Princess of Panchala Desha, Draupadi, and is working in her birthplace, Kampilya (Distt. Farrukhabad UP) & Indraprastha (Delhi), besides other areas of India, and follows the method of Advocacy, Awareness and Training.

    All programs and projects are finalized after Research to assess local resources and needs, to optimize local growth and opportunities, especially with the Objective of India’s present 3R’s - Rural Resources Rejuvenation (Human, Natural, Agricultural, Cultural & Historical etc) poverty removal and new income generation options. In every area local Culture, Craft & History is promoted for development & progress, while maintaining the ethnic uniqueness.

    Location of our current social development work are rural and urban areas having ancient Heritage value, with special attention to the marginalized areas and people of our nation—whose condition has a direct bearing on our target group of women/ youth and Heritage.

    We consider every aspect affecting our target group individual / locality, and believe in empowering at every level as essential to fulfilling the objective.

A Brief About Us

    We are delighted to share that in the last 15 years, besides our IT education, craft promotions and skill development initiatives for women/ youth, we have convened 8 international and above 10 national conferences, positioned several exhibitions and published over 6 books on ancient India’s civilization, culture and history. The 15th Year was celebrated with a grand Ganga Utsava, wherein we celebrated the History, Traditions and the interesting accounts and Artistic forms of Maa Ganga by renowned national and international scholars. The Conference and Exhibition was inaugurated by His Holiness Sharda Peetham Shakaracharya ji and the Closing of the 3 weeks’ Exhibition was by Chief of Army Gen.(Dr) Vipin Rawat.

    Draupadi Dream Trust has been working for almost two decades on ancient Indian Civilization and Cultural Continuity, with special focus on Vedic and Mahabharata period. It derives its name and inspiration from the historical Mahabharata period’s Panchala Princess, Draupadi. Registered in 2003, at the Pandavas’ city state-Indraprastha (New Delhi), it is a Not-For-Profit, Charitable Organization working with the Mission to-

    1. Create a better understanding and appreciation of our deep rooted cultural continuity and ancient history, via revival of ancient era tangible and intangible Heritage.

    2. Help the women /youth / local community realize and build their own capabilities, so that they can be an asset to themselves, and thus to family and society.

    The Trust is working at the birthplace of Draupadi, Kampilia, the famous capital of earstwhile Panchala Mahajanapada, in Dist. Farrukhabad, UP, at Pandava city Indraprastha and organizes awareness programs in other areas of India too. It follows the, method of Research, Advocacy, Awareness, Training and Program Implementation, to optimize local growth opportunities in Cultural Tourism, in synergy with local Culture, Craft, Traditions and History. It has trained thousands in various skills and convened many National & International Conferences and positioned Exhibitions on Cities and Arts related to Mahabharata and divine river Ganga. The Trust conducted a study from 2004 – 06 in Panchala, on ‘Development Opportunities for local youth / women in Cultural Tourism’, prepared a DPR for Panchala capital Kampilya’s development and got project sanctioned for the same.

    Why Cultural Heritage?

    A proper understanding of our Common Cultural Heritage is crucial to creating a better understanding and appreciation of our nation’s cultural continuity and history. It also helps in proper perspective of gender parity, and making us understand the ancient systems of social engineering where women have been equal partners in progress, and caste and creed bias did not divide society.

    Why Women and Culture needs our attention?

    The perceptions created over centuries of misrepresentations about certain periods of history, and the personalities connected to that, have adversely influenced the thinking about liberated women of our country. A relook on the cultural aspects of status of progressive woem is needed, and we believe, ‘Let’s start from begin from the very beginning… a very good place to start…when you sing you read, you read with A B C, when you sing you sing with DO RE ME” (Film, Sound of Music), and when you talk of progressive women, you begin with Draupadi!