We define empowerment as being able to exercise one’s own power. Breaking up the word EMPOWERMENT into three components gives us- Exercise-My-Power. Power comes from knowledge and strength to use that knowledge. Thus empowering an individual or community actually means that they have the knowledge, the ability and the confidence to be able to exercise their power for the benefit of self or the community. All this entails providing adequate literacy, functional skills, awareness of their duties & rights as citizens and motivation to be able to use these inputs for improvement of their socio-economic status.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    For us the aim of empowerment programs has been to facilitate the betterment of the individuals or communities through their own efforts and make them confident and contributive members of our society. Thus besides providing basic IT education and vocational education, the trust also conducted various other programs for holistic empowerment. For this various sports programs were organized, including a National Women’s Football Championships. Sports are a great leveler and we aimed to promote equal opportunities for women in sports.

    There is so much promotion of boys in sports. With the popularity of cricket ,tennis & football ,parents seem very enthusiastic about encouraging their male child to join sports activities. I was amused once to hear a mother telling her friend that she is consulting an Astrologer to ensure that her son gets selected for a particular National Sports Tournament. When I asked her about her daughter, she says that’s not a girl’s field ---mothers say such things. In fact gender in-equality begins from home when parents themselves create differences between their children on the basis of gender.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    From 2003 to 2007, when the Women’s National Football Championships was organized by us at New Delhi, the Trust is supporting such activities and encouraging both girls 7 boys to be active in sports even for maintaining good health. Healthy body is the beginning of a healthy mind and thus a girl can be a healthy mother too. So we promote holistic empowerment and do our best to minimize the gap between the genders. This ensures real empowerment for all.

Highlights of Holistic Empowerment

31st Oct - 5th Nov 2005 1st National Sports for Deaf women New Delhi
12th to 22nd Feb 2006 National Women Football Championship New Delhi
29th June 2006 Tree Plantation New Delhi
12th -14th Aug 2007 Representation at Technical Consultant at USAID National MSSRF Chennai
27th Oct - 2nd Nov 2007 Representation at the Int’l Alliance of Women of AIWCC Conference New Delhi
24th Dec 2007 Representation at Seminar on Consumer Awareness New Delhi
13th- 14th March 09 Community Radio Service Workshop, pitching for Draupadi Vaani Solan, Himachal Pradesh
28th Sept. 2008 Applied Vedic Culture for Modern Living New Delhi
Dec. 2009 LIC Camp for Policy “Jeevan Madhur “ for village people Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
April 2009 Promoting Kampilya womento foreign buyers New Delhi
20th June 2009 Alcoholic Health Camp Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
22nd Sept. 09 Field visit to Mahabharata site Dist. Etawa Etawa, UP
1st Nov. 09 Field visit Kurukshetra, Haryana
4th & 5th Dec. 09 Foreign students visit to Kampilya Kampilya, Farrukhabad
8th January 2010 Kampilya Visit Kampilya
7th May 2011 Health Camp with Apollo Hospital in Kampilya at National Workshop Kampilya
15th Jan. 2012 Distribution of Solar Lights in Gujarpur & Rokari Villages of Kampilya Project Kampilya