Soon after starting our Computer Training center, in January 2005, the Trust conducted a Study to identify the Development Opportunities in Cultural Tourism, and the jobs that can be created locally. This helped us structure our training courses. Education becomes effective and useful for the youth if it gives them Vocational orientation. Knowledge has to be ‘useful’. Mere knowledge has limitations, as skills for economic advancement are needed.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    Thus the Trust made all possible efforts to structure the training programs with possible Vocations in mind. Two types of initiatives were undertaken. Through the Computer Training center we started courses not just in basics but accounting & DTP courses. Besides, even the basic course was oriented towards office administration. Special Faculty was arranged for a intensive Tally training for B Com students.Children interested in Journalism were trained in Page Maker and Photoshop.

    Workshops were also organized in Repair & Maintenance of Computer Hardware, Electrical gadgets and Mobile repair knowledge. By 2007 the Zardozi craft artisans, feeling left out of the computer age, approached us for helping them learn computer for their own skill development. Thus we started an initiative with the Ministry of Communication & IT to help us develop a Software which could help the creative designers to use Computers for efficiency and better market access. The CHIC CAD Software was finally ready in 2011 and deployed in early 2012. Thus Vocation oriented IT skills are helping our beneficiary gain confidence and help himself to do better.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    For the other training workshops we identified vocations in other sector like Food Processing, Herbal Medicinal plants, Marketing, Travel & Trade, Export Management, Tailoring & Cutting and even for Turning Hobbies into Enterprise. Ayurveda and Home Remedies was also helpful to some traditional Ayurvedic ‘Vaids’. The Farmers were given training in Best Farming Practices.

    Overall these awareness and training programs have made the locals enhance their standard of living, and this is a great satisfaction for us.

Highlights of Vocational Education

Till now since 2005 Craft vocational education and promotion Kamil,Farrukhabad & Delhi
24th -25th April 2005 Workshop Marketing (Business Ideas in Trousseau, Gift packing & Candle Making Farrukhabad
25th April 2005 Tailoring & Embroidery Center Inauguration Kampilya, UP
25th -26th May 2005 Workshop Cost & Finance Processing Enterprise Agra, UP
5th -6th July 2005 Workshop on Effective Communication Skill for Entrepreneurs Agra
23rd - 25th July 2005 Workshop on Personality Development for Entrepreneurs Farrukhabad
Sept 2005 Workshop with MSME in Skill Development for Beauticians Farrukhabad
26th Dec 2007 Skill Development in Repair and Maintenance of Electronic Gazettes with support of DST Kampilya
25th - 31st Jan 09 Initiative for Clothing project for Kampilya Women New Delhi
24th June 11 Report on DST Zardozi Project Kampilya, Farukabad