The Media, both electronic & print, are not only channels for information but also important tools for gradual Social change. The mediums of Mass Communications are one of the most powerful influencers of the human mind. It affects every aspect of social life. The advent of the Electronic Media has in fact invaded the very private domains of the individuals, so much so that new value systems of family lifestyles are being formed on the basis of the print and electronic media depictions.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    With Globalization affecting every aspect of our lives now, this Powerful Medium of Communication is now itself growing and is competing with the Market Demand Forces—thereby, causing concerns in the minds of many “thinking souls”---what is the Role & Responsibility of Media vis-avis Society & social issues—especially the influence it is having on and about the community life, family and very clearly the women and girls?

    Certain recent happenings in both electronic media, print media and the advertising field, in terms of portrayal of women issues, have made a lot of us do some loud thinking on role& responsibility of our media. For example:

    the live telecast Guria’s story, causing emotional turmoil leading to a tragedy

    breaking news and media trials affecting many families and individuals and sometimes Incomplete information leading to half truth

    the page three becoming page one and page three depicting fifteen minutes fame for a Price

    publicity material like calendar being launched with fanfare depicting skin shapes by Company claiming to be “responsible”

    TV serials competing to show bizarre relationships, “she devils” and ageless character.

women empowerment
women empowerment

    Media has always played important role in molding public opinion and influencing policy and governments. But Media is like the Nuclear power---and has to be wisely used to enhance society and its norms for sustaining quality of life. Today the Media is invading every aspect and in fact has become the Trial tool for all—Media seems to mind everybody but who minds the Media.

    Scholars, social activists and media watchers have not only to do research but also influence the upcoming media force to learn and improve from existing trends—Media has not only to defend itself but also mend itself constantly because it is the most vibrant and powerful tool of change and progress of a democratic system. It is time to sieve the media, so that it can reflect on its important role of preserving the best and bringing progressive ideas without turmoil.

women empowerment

Somehow the “Capturing the Market” attitude and fight for “Eyeballs” has had some disturbing effects. To discuss this and various issues related to Media Role & Responsibility for women and social empowerment, a series of Seminars were organized by Draupadi Trust, at New Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow and Kanpur.

Highlights of Media On Women

31st Aug 2007 1st Seminar on Role of Media in Women Empowerment New Delhi
28th Jan 2008 2nd Seminar on Role of media in Women empowerment Chennai
Aug 8, 2008 3rd Seminar on Role of media in women empowerment Lucknow
20th & 21st Feb 4th Seminar on Role of Media in Women Empowerment CSJM University, Kanpur
5-6th Aug 2010 Policy for proactive & Effective use of Mass Media and different communications channels for Gender Equality Sensitizations New Delhi
Since till date Taking up matter with concerened authorities for proactive role of madia