The Trust started IT Vocational Education on 18th January 2005. It was inaugurated by Shri Anil Swarup, Secretary, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, in the presence of dignitaries from the district and some from Delhi. It was very humble beginning with 15 used P1, P2 PC systems, with some colored and some b/w Monitors, which were donated by NTPC. They were kind enough to also give a small donation of Rs 75,000/- to cover the installation and peripheral & consumable costs. The CMD Shri Jain and Dir HR Shri G.K.Aggarwal were very cooperative and always supported our humble efforts in so many ways.

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We kept upgrading the parts and getting few PC systems to upgrade our center and finally it was the very positive support from Power Grid CMD Shri S.K.Chaturvedi & Dir HR Shri V.M.Kaul, in 2010, that we were able to have brand new systems installed. It is to the motivating generosity of such positive support that a community that had not even seen what a computer looks like today knows its value and use, and craves for IT Education.

We have managed to train hundreds of youth in IT Skills, through a very small center that started with the Main objective: To create awareness and impart computer skills for vocations and Overall Objectives: To expose the larger rural poor & lower income young (who have very little opportunity after class tenth and twelve) to Computer Education for Vocational purpose. Besides Basic Computing Skills, trainings were given for Accounting through Tally & Excel and various Designing software like DTP and CHIC CAD for the Traditional Design creators or ‘Khaka Makers’.

women empowerment

    IT education is Key to any progress today and equally crucial for India’s progress as an emerging Global Resource Center and Power.

    In every field like Handicrafts, farming, finance, manufacturing, services management, IT is becoming essential so the rural areas should have the knowledge of IT. IT is now a very important part of our economy. In rural areas people have little or no access to this knowledge.

Promoting IT Education, especially IT-Enabled Vocational Education, is all the more important for our large youth population. Almost 75% of India‘s population is in rural areas, with minimal access to higher education. The best they get for education is limited to High school & Higher Secondary level. After this most drop out and a few turn to urban areas for graduation etc.

Even if they Graduate, their job options are limited, more so as they have no knowledge of Computers.

    So, rather than having dropouts or directionless graduates & undergraduates, it would be beneficial to both youth and the nation’s economy to impart IT Education, with Vocational orientation. This being a practical educational system, it will hold the interest of the young growing mind. It will also open out more job opportunities. More importantly, the Vocational orientation can also help the youth to use it for local resource utilization and develop interest in enhancing their knowledge base.

women empowerment

The rural areas are mostly rich in agriculture or handicrafts, local folklore, arts; like painting, sculpture etc. Knowledge of Computer skills can much enhance the scope of the youth harnessing their specific knowledge to advance their economic status and thereby living conditions.

In brief imparting Computer skills to rural girls and boys has greatly helped their empowerment thereby making them an assets to themselves and thus to their family and society.

Highlights of the IT Education 25th to 26th March 2011

18th Jan 2005 Inauguration of 1ST Computer Training Center of Draupadi Trust Kampilya , UP
18th Jan 2O05 – Till Date Computer Tailoring continues. Courses-MS-DS Basic, DTP, Tally With some special programs also Kampilya UP
19th Feb 2005 EDP Training & Awareness program workshop (Basic Computer Workshop) Farrukhabad, UP
21st January 2011 Pilot project DRZ Resource Center Deployment of CHIC Software for Designing by crafts persons with the aim of integrating Technology with Traditional craft and Crafts personsi Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
25th to 26th March 2011 Field trail of chic software as part of Pilot project Kampilya & Farrukhabad
4th April 2011 Release of Special software of Artisan Community – ‘Khaka’ (Design & Pattern) makers). New Delhi
13th May 2011 Inauguration Technology Integration for artisans with special Designing Software Kampilya & Farrukhabad
14th Dec 2012 Inspection visit to Computer center Kampilya, UP Kampilya